Global Currency Pay

Global Currency Pay introduced easy and reliable secured recharge processing and fund transferring solutions. Stay in touch with Global Currency Pay. We provide world wide cost effective various range recharges.

Our focus is on online payments like mobile, VoIP & communication accounts, small remittance at home country bank account. Your any online payment requirements can be handled through our easy and trustworthy online processing.

Global currency pay focuses on our customers easy, secured and cost effective online recharge requirements. We provide wide range of communication accounts, online accounts, utility bill payments, EReasypay MRR voucher and bank account  “petty cash” top up facilities.  Personal & Confidential recharges in your mobile, bank account etc, is also be possible through recharge desk. If need any online account recharge for friends or surrounding people that also be possible through global recharge desk.  You need your reseller any particular products recharge, that can possible after the reseller linked their products with us. All products recharge provides the lowest rates in the market.